Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I love/hate Apple

Big news for all geeks - Apple just unveiled the new iBook replacement, the MacBook.

I've been waiting for the new iBook for a long time now - my laptop needs replacing and I want a tiny, portable little Apple. Although the desktop PC I'm using at the moment is new, lovely, and very powerful, it's next to useless for taking on a plane.

Unfortunately, the new MacBook is a bit disappointing. It really isn't much different to the old iBook it's replacing. It now comes in white and black - but the identical black model has a €200 premium. Seems a bit silly.

My biggest complaint about the MacBook, is that it only comes in a 13.3" model with a relatively low resolution 1280x800 screen. I want the smallest laptop possible, something like the old 12" iBooks (I'd love a 10" MacBook), as I learnt after constantly lugging my 14" Sony Vaio notebook back and forth between Hong Kong and the UK - big laptops are annoying and prone to getting dented or dropped by evil security guards (and my Vaio's already really light).

It doesn't help that the new MacBook has a measly video card (an integrated Intel GMA 950 with 64MB shared memory - in other words, bad) and my work is allegedly graphic design and 3D animation. Which means the new MacBook would only be good for surfing the web and occasionally opening Photoshop. Apple's excuse for this, is that "professionals" will buy the more expensive MacBook Pro - except that's only available in gigantic 15" and 17" models, which no sane person wants to lug about.

I've wanted an excuse to jump on the Apple bandwagon, but it looks like I'll have to wait and stick with Sony for now. Why don't the manufacturers realise, some people want really small and powerful notebooks, that they can chuck into a bag but then plug into a cinema display later to get some real work done. For now, I still have to keep using a desktop and a laptop, fiddling between them.


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