Monday, May 15, 2006

eBay my arse

Just a quick rant...

Why is it that eBay are such insidious cunts?

Why is it impossible to talk to a real person at eBay? Specifically, why do eBay UK have no phone number to talk to a real person (their official number, 0208 605 3000, leads to an automated response that reads out the URL of their contact page, which asks to email all questions in).

I know for fact a normal person cannot phone a human at eBay. I know this, because I phoned their Powerseller Hotline (0208 605 3111), who told me they would only speak with Powersellers, and that no, as a normal user, I could not phone email and talk to a real person. Email was the only method to contact them.

eBay claim to respond to all emails in 12-48 hours. Except, I've never once (and this must be from over a dozen emails sent) received a hand-typed human reply. Every single reply has been automated, canned, pointing me in the direction of the unhelpful FAQ on their website. Great!

I'll close my account!

Except, no, I can't do that either. You can't close your account reasonably - you have to apply to close your account, and then, it will only be deleted after 18 months of inactivity.

Ok, well, I'll remove my credit card details from my account to stop them charging me for anymore fraudulent "services" (auctions where people "won" but never paid, yet eBay took their rather large percentage and failed to do anything about it). Except, no, I can't remove my credit card details from my eBay account, without substituting them for another valid card. And if eBay charge my card, they have "my full consent", apparently, because I once put my credit card on their website two or three years ago. It's basically impossible to stop eBay - at best, I can force my card company to reverse their charges, but as eBay "have my consent", each time I try, will take a month and written approval. A whole load of unnecessary shit - if I paid at a shop one time with my card, the shop wouldn't have consent to charge my card for anything they like in future, so why do eBay?

So, eBay are cunts.

But it's a bit futile really. No one will take action. Nothing will happen. eBay will still continue to make massive profits. My only hope is that Google's own online auction service eventually pushes eBay out of the market, but eBay will already have made their money by then, and it may just be switching one evil for a lesser evil.

eBay - just don't.


At 3:50 AM, May 21, 2006, Blogger dgnyhk said...

Then this will upset you (in your sidebar, in ads by Google...):

Reach 193 million buyers worldwide Start selling on eBay today!

At 12:39 PM, May 23, 2006, Blogger Hamton said...

Yes, it sucks a bit.

If you type 'stupid' into Google, you get the sponsored Adword;

Fantastic low prices on CDs
Feed your passion on!

I'm sure there are some other, more interesting eBay adwords.


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